Fear may have held you down
Running away is an option
But giving up wasn't in my dictionary
Strength rose from within
With awakened eyes and mind
Gritting my teeth  
Do my best, if not, not at all.

Standards, the world embraced. 
Probably the worst week I had in months.
Fear and panic of not being able to finish a project hit me real hard this week. 
Absolutely incapable of producing layouts for the project. 
I hated such feelings, but I never felt a strength could rise in this way. 
I could say I had this 7 hours, I can turn a project around. 
Giving up wasn't in my dictionary, so I braced it and go on...
I told myself this, either I do it to the best, if not I don't do it at all.

But I'm thankful for the project even though I had a terrible time at it. 
Because I learnt strength. Learnt to shut off that fear.
Learning to ride on the craziest waves.

What a week to end a friday, TGIF.


Samantha LeoComment