w r i t e

Hands been itching to write for weeks. 
Yet my site is still in MESS. 
I'm hoping to clean it all up, during the Christmas / New Year season. 

There's this need to write my thoughts and reflections somewhere.
So tonight, finally send off my bestie's wedding invite to PRINT. 
I'm happy like a pig, because I've never done a mandela pattern design, and I was seriously freaking out at those things. Wells, it's with the printer. Trusting all will turn out well. 

So I'm like a bee. So efficient and productive this week.
Last week, was everything went everywhere kind of week.
Setting goals / deadlines for myself, works amazingly. 
Hopefully, the client approves the design. I hope all goes well. 
On final thoughts, it's another year yet again. 2015 is ending in a few weeks :(

Been such a great year, so much happened this year. 
A nation's 50th birthday, a passing of an amazing leader LKY.
Too many thoughts tonight, too messy. 

Shall not write further. I'll be better when I write in the morning yet again :)

Samantha LeoComment