39 Days to my Wedding

It's been a whirl for me. These days feels endless, or rather time never stops. I felt like I have not read a book in ages :( Sigh. My great friend is sorting out my invites and shipping it over to me. It does look great for me. I hope the wedding will turn out well, I'm sure it will.

But wells, it hasn't been so exciting has it? What a long while for the big day. From getting a gown to a house. Renovating the house, designing the place to picking a wardrobe that will work for us. 

One other thing I learnt through this journey of marriage. Even if the invites are screwed up (I'll be really sad though) the fiancee said this. ' It doesn't matter, the thing is I love you and we are getting married' . How true, that's the central truth to marriage. :)

So I'm glad I'm marrying my best friend who sees all my craziness, laziness, grumpiness and so on… POOOOOOFFF! Many have asked about my honeymoon, we haven't decided. We want to be debt free so till the wedding is over we will decide. 

There's 2 trips I have confirmed though! Start of 2015, Hong Kong trip with family and in Oct 2014 taiwan trip with my company, Taipei & Tainan. WOOTS. I think it's gonna be great fun! 

:) Exciting last quarter of the year!!

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