Evgenia Arbugaeva

There's something about Scandinavia that bring me to a world of wonder. From the Northern Lights, Snow Sleds, People & their Nors Culture just makes me awed. It's just so different from the Asian Culture, I really do want to see the Northern Lights, visit the FJORDs and do all these and see my dear Norwegian friend. Really beautiful place in the world. Like a dream. Yes, I'll get there one day.  

Anyways here's some great photography from Evgenia Arbugaeva
I love the way the photographer shot the images, there's just this surrounding silence around the pictures just made it loud and vibrant colours with the white snowscape.

Hope you are enjoying your friday, I know I am. Learning how to code websites, well not literally write them but read them and edit them.  Poof, I've been busy but yet yearning to write as well. Need to sort out my own to do lists. I'm getting married, coupled with a new place, thinking of redesigning my website poof. Updating my portfolio. GROWING, this is a process. 

Still dreaming to be a full time illustrator like Oliver Jeffers, one day. 

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