Sparkling Inspiration

Kind of fell in love with the image below tonight. Love the exquisite and vintage looking rings. Adore it loads. I kinda feel overwork, swarmed & tired with bad sore throat. :x Ain't great. The joy of my work is the learning that makes me seemingly like a puffer fish. Kind of a weird metaphor, BABOOM. LOADS OF INSPIRATION. Literally today, throughout. Absolutely strange. So here we go, starting going back to the basics where I started to fall in love with design. HTML. Yes it's started with blogs, I was obsessed with changing colours and font on my blogspot page. Now we are back to html & css. Coding explained to me full fledged. FABULOUS, thank you treehouse. It's a way cool programme really. Think it's gonna be a way or the other helpful to my job. So yes, finally understood what's a <div> , &amp; weird text but I'm back to codes. Really excited!

Secondly, TYPEKIT. So, this service is kinda interesting, it hooks your creative suite with the foundry site, very amazing range of font honestly. However, you gotta have adobe creative cloud subscription plan. Oh wells, it's the subscription plans deals these days. Thought it's really great to have such font service because fonts are important to designers. Especially for Branding. You seriously ought to have the right font to portray your brand well. So fonts are important!

Thirdly, shopify or big cartel battle. Think I'm gonna get this going again. I'm going to start an online shop soon. GEEZ, it's way too long. Really, honestly think so. Then again, what should I sell on my shop? Ah, question for another day. Brain is still sparkling with ideas today well it's another day. zomg. WHY? But I'm glad. Indeed I so blabbered everything but I just gotta get my thoughts out somewhere. :p

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