Wireframe Tee

Totally adore this wireframe tee from UGMONK. Loved it, I think I'm going to just get it because this is what I do almost every other day, designing wireframes determining what goes out for a site and designing the look and feel for the site and including it's usability. Okay, much as work is very draining and exhausting but designing a work that made you and client really happy is what I consider rare, this is one of those rare weeks really glad to have finished and enjoy my 1 day leave coming monday. Poof and I had a great POH PIAH Party at my buddy's place & playing Munchkin it's just fun ;p. Alright almost 3 am gonna bounce off love this tee, but I truly need more clothes and a proper hand bag. -.- shopping is difficult for me to get the one that I really want. POOF.

Samantha LeoComment