Illustration Dream inspired by Oliver Jeffers

Boo! Well being able to rest for amazingly such a long while last night, ideas been bubbling lots of thoughts on my mind, able to produce work more efficiently on target to deliver what needs to be delivered.  Overall conclusion, 8 hours of sleep is always fabulous for me. So, I need to keep to my sleep :) Anyways, here's one of the works of my favourite illustrator Oliver Jeffers. If I could be an illustrator and support myself through my work. I'm inspired but I'm disciplined to keep my sleep. 3 minutes to bed. 11 pm my deadline. 

Here's to sleep btw, I think I'm kinda swept away by the wongfu productions. At the end of the day will I be their fan and subscribe to their videos? We'll see. 

Goodnight world.

Samantha LeoComment