You've got one life, live it well.

I have came to a point in life, I simply wish to do more and every single thing I can. To see more, feel more, reflect more and slow down my pace of life. To really live like never before. Perhaps, I've seen how harsh and also how simple life could be as I moved to my new estate. I wished I could illustrate more, reflect more and photograph the moments in life. Seeing the elderly, less fortunate, handicapped made be think how I can be of help and to love these. As I grew up, I find it harder to help the less fortunate, as there are so many of them and some are just fake I guess. But I'm glad this part of compassion and love is coming back. I do love this new estate I am in. 

I love my the laundromat in the estate, it makes me smile as I see family, children, the old and young hanging out there waiting for the laundry, speaking to each other. It also seems every single shop has a story of it's own waiting to tell. It's such a pity in 6 years the estate will be no more. :( I am beginning to love this Tanglin Halt estate of mine. 

Honestly, the year is coming to an end. It marks my 3rd year in my job. I'm growing like a hot air balloon, expanding each time. Challenging, projects come in like a buzz and go like the wind. I've done so much work that I began to cope much better than the years before. I'm like a learning maniac always learning new things, however I never grew to specialise in something. I find specialising in something is silly, no doubt you will be the best at what you do. But it bore me to death. I find joy in learning, I guess that's me. 

As I embark 2015, I'm so looking forward to my nordic adventure. I'm gonna freeze my butt there, but whatever I just want to wander about on earth. That's my kind of wanderlust. 

Don't disappear like the wind, be yourself live it well.
You've got only one life, live it well

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