Private Moon by Leonid Tishkov

By Russian Artist, Leonid Tishkov

When I first saw this piece, I fell in love with it loads. It reminded me of 'XIAOBAI' that angela and I did, so yes we did progress a little to attempt to edit our shots of xiaobai our cloud that we built and carried all around in Cameron Highlands.  Almost 2 years ago. It was so fun! I'm inspired to work on new things yet again! :) Anyways, I'm gonna start with my amazing 36 Faber Castell Art Grip Studio Colour Pencils. Picking it up again, illustration :p  Beams! Not forgetting I have to shoot my wedding invitations and my letterpress postcard for my portfolio. It's a whirl to have a new place, living with someone new and it is for the rest of your life. I'm getting pass this :)

Samantha LeoComment