learning as a creative


Here we go, enrolled a class with the designer behind designworklife + seamless creative, Courtney Eliseo. She's doing a class about brand identity. Decided to give it a go, haven't had a class for nearly 2 years. Miss studying actually. I guess, I'm still quite a young designer, I learn much but I still have a long way to go. Growing is always a good thing. I've got a black book that tracks my progress of my creative life. Where's it going and all. It's actually good to stop and check where you are. 
Anyways, I've started sketching. Doubt it's gonna be uploaded daily but as and when but I'll sketch everyday. When I started this, I'm seeing the world in a bigger perspective than I expected, it's a good thing, at least no myopic vision. 
Before I bounced off, here's a great read to start the day for any creative.