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Been a while since I've opened the sketchbook. 
Wells, wells. Here we go, drawing again. 
I <3 buildings, architecture, apartments & spaces. 
So, here they are. It takes effort to photograph and upload these I realised. 

Missed doing illustrations and drawings. 
Gonna try to keep this going. I've got a couple of animals too. 
But let's see how it goes. 
Learning learning learning.
Hoarding the images from everywhere, to use them to illustrate. 
But the discipline of illustration is tough. 
But let's start somewhere shall we, let's draw pictures again. 
Gonna sketch more these days, one sketch or illo a day. 
Hopefully, I can keep this discipline. 
Finally, getting back to the office. 
Nothing fancy, but I'm thankful for 2 days of rest. 
Not fantastic, but well enough. 

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