FOOD. Been eating the entire national day weekend. Successful attempt on a poached egg, on the 2nd egg. Hollandaise sauce failed though. But my 'mei cai koi rou' was a success, it's my 2nd time making this still taste great. Attempted to bake, it's a nightmare. BAKING drives me nuts. Macaroons, epic fail it turned into strawberry marangs ? But still, you never know till you start making them, cause when mixing the egg whites and the caster sugar is the key, once that's on the wrong note, that's the end of your macaroons, you need that perfect mix before you fold in the icing sugar with almond meal. POOF, that almond meal from NTUC obviously didn't cut it wonder how long we took to sieve that. HAHA, but was fun watching tv and baking with my sisters and hanging out with the family. FOOD brings people together, and of course dear ISAAC TEH, I love you too, I'm just facing some issues in my heart, bear with me for a while till I sort things out. 

Samantha LeoComment