It's seemingly waking up at 3 am in the morning and can't get back to sleep. When I was 13, I remember vividly that my dream was to be a designer and making it to art school. Wells, it's a winding road it took a while to get there.

But I held on, persevered with much effort and tears to get there. Then again, when I finished school and became  a graphic designer. I love what I do now, yet you know deep down inside there's something more.

I probably had a hard time figuring out what dreams should I have next. No doubt I wanted to do many things, and it's tough to find THE ONE DREAM.

Behind my mind, ETERNITY is another element I would want my dreams to be based on. I could have so much but what impact does it have eternally. 

The ultimate purpose of my life, is to glorify God with my life and enjoy being with The Lord forever.

That kept me thinking. At least in all that I do next in my life must point towards this ultimate goal and purpose. I believe this will create many wonderful dreams in this life with an ultimate purpose at the end of the race.

I miss writing! Gonna start writing again. :)



Samantha LeoComment