P O O F ! 
These 2 weeks was quite a nightmare. But wells, PASSION held on to me well. I've been thinking so much despite the crazy 2 weeks. Couldn't eat or sleep well and working all day long till the wee hours. It kept me up thinking, worth my time doing all these?  Also figuring out myself, my goals and dreams. 

I'm exceptionally blessed to have a job that I love. As much as I wish I could do so much more, I wish I had flexible working hours. Oh wells. The time will come. 
P A S S I O N beats Talent. 

I find myself saying, the word passion a lot. It's like a heartbeat within a soul, that beats for a reason and purpose. I love the famous quote of Mother Teresa 

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Sometimes, in the midst of working. I will feel this way, doing a design with great love that will goes out from here to the world that they may catch some light. Maybe that's one of the reason I love what I do. In all things you do, do it with your heart and with great love. Cause, people can tell. 
But whatever it is, I need to know whatever I am first. 
S P A C E is something I need probably this month. 


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