Design Film Festival 2013

Sadly, I have an entire day commitment on saturday, I only managed to made it for the last film 'Sign Painters' on sunday. I guess, I'm in need of creative inspiration. Learning from all these veterans in design, makes me passionate as a creative again. 
Very impressed with the sign painters, its a dying trade. But what I felt that I feared most that one day, these crafts die out because they aren't passed on. That's my fear as a creative. I still hope to see this crafts out there for many generations to come. 


I believe so, though the digital world been up and rising. However, the digital just does not have the means to replace tangibility. People likes the special care and attention the product has gone through. It's custom made, specially made. That's what I feel that's next in the creative industry.
After the film tonight, I have a new view of user interaction. Sooner or later, user interaction on digital devices will need a new solution altogether, it totally killed human to human interaction. User interaction makes life techy and cool, but it's not tangible, it's cold, it isn't warm. It can't be felt like sensory organs. Question next, how to create this tangibility with digital devices. There's many things on my mind tonight :x  

Lastly, I've realised the world is spinning so quickly when everything revolves about a budget. Cheap and fast was something client loves to hear. However, how do designers design fast? With more time, designers actually could come out with something better and stunning. But cheap and fast isn't the deal any more. Please go for QUALITY STUFF. It does not make sense to compromise quality for something fast and cheap. It can backfire. You won't want that to happen for sure.


Design Film Festival 2013 - Sign Painters

Design Film Festival 2013 - Sign Painters