Supakitch & Koralie

by supakitch and koralie  
I'm really awed by their works.  I woke up one night when I actually lost their video link which I had to back track my posts on facebook to find that one post on my wall. That wasn't fun but that made me really inspired to create. I wished I quit my job and did this full time. I want to draw and paint at my own pace. They actually sparked a new dream in my heart and make me want to fulfil it. Wells, I finished my greatest dream to be a designer and go to art school. That's completed. So now, I do want to run my own exhibition alone or with a friend. Yes, exhibition! And I love those dolls seriously. I need to start drawing again and painting. Ahh, I love doing such things.. But a misplaced or lost my scheduler. It feels like crap. :X I love fridays and weekends. At least it's friday! :D I know I'm gonna be working overtime this weekend but I feel I'm like a balloon expanding everyday at work! 

Samantha LeoComment