Koralie, I adore her illustrations.

Supakitch & Koralie
You just go to adore this 2 illustrators. Amazing work they got here. It's amazing Koralie's kind of graffiti. That really inspires me to something like hers. Well in singapore it's more like finding an appropriate space that is legal for graffiti. We'll see. I need to get an idea an start working on. I've been working so much on sketchbooks but haven't been able to do a real project out there in a large scale context. I want to, as much as I'm young and working but it's tough to manage time I realised. To rest and do personal work it's a discipline not to say but also spending time with the Lord and reading the scriptures. :x Wells, I need to balance. Just wanna share this with you peeps who read this space! 

Samantha LeoComment