Sagmeister & Walsh

Thought of featuring a piece of work that sparked me to be a designer since my teenage years. This was done in 2003, so I was probably 14 or 15.  It was such an inspiring piece, that I was actually considering to purchase it. We'll see about that. Yes, Stefan Sagmeister was really inspiring with his work and now with Walsh. I really loved their answers section in their site. These are questions I ask when I was a student and even now starting as a young designer. I guess, I'm feeling the every week I feel like quitting. It feels that way sometimes. Lastly, they champion young designers and they believes in keeping a journal to keep the creative process going. These are things that are important as a designer. Don't be a dead designer people, don't get into a fixed style and can never get out of it. That's not too good sometimes. 

Samantha LeoComment