r e s t l e s s


I'm just restless. Been thinking quite a bit lately. 
Am I really bored at work? or I'm just not happy here? 
Complicated feelings, to have a dream job but feeling a little empty. 

The fiancé said " I know you love your job, but you can't find meaning in your job." 
That set me thinking, my first thought was I can help find meaning for my clients for the stuff I design. It's functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Perhaps, I need to take a step back from loving design that much.
But it kind of backfire for me. Really stuck deep. 

My conclusion for myself, I  think I just need to live again. 
Be alive, and very alive. 
I'm drained, flooding of inadequacies is driving me topsy turvy. 
I need a break, I need to sleep and eat, eat and sleep and read and wander on the streets. I need some healing for myself. I guess I'm a little burnt from working.
No goal no aim.
I need a sport too, running is so boring. I guess I need to start somewhere. 
So my official leave dates, start on Christmas till New Year's Day. 

Perhaps, I need to getaway. 
Alright, I'm thankful for colleagues they help me feel a little better. 
We trotted to IKEA for a long lunch, it was fun! :)
It seems we may have an addition to this small design firm. 

Thankful for Dec, where all work seems to be slowing down.
This made my first friday of Dec way better :)

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