Officially missing school ...

Aww. That's one of my Lasalle Lecturers, Stanley Lim. :D He really loves to teach, I can second that it was my final year. well maybe final 2 weeks to my final project deadline. He sat down with me, lala and grace to question our work, I could very well puke with his questions then as it demands a lot of from me to get the project to the best. However, I took in his questions and reconsidered the project and ask myself tough questions. Of course this made my project even better. It ended with a new project, 3 days to my deadline. :x It scared me out of my wits, HAH. But those days gonna stick in my memory for a good long time! I miss my lasalle lecturers!! They didn't give us solutions but they guide us and question our work and set us on a journey to find it out for ourselves. :) 

Emails checked, things are done. Working on this site of mine, indexing it with Google :D Okay, and every page of the website needs a description what is this and I have not used their portfolio app. I need to iron out this site, so many new projects no time to update :X. Anyways, HAPPY FRIDAY! TGIF! 

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