i really really love silkscreen.

Featuring Tind Studio, Athens Greece, via Behance

Enough said, by the very means when Graphic Design, Print and everything was handmade, this is a revolution on its own. I love how things is done by hand with great craftsmanship. Everything today is like done digitally, designers can't get to a feel of what they are really doing unless it's a print. But it's all printed by a PRINTER, not that it's bad but things aren't just as handmade like this. Lastly, openly sharing your creative process is awesome! It answers a lot of questions of young designers like me and wondering how to do a gradient silkscreen. YES, it's do-able and it's proven.

I'm waiting to create one of mine! I'm so busy at work, it's tough to even craft out time to do a post like this. It has to be scheduled in my planner. I'm doing up my room, will show you some pictures when it's all up! :p Meanwhile stay tuned!