Brand Story.

There's nothing better than the old school way, paper & pen. Sketching the ideas and my thoughts on paper. It always feels so comforting at home for me. So here's my first mind map of my logo. 

Playing with the idea of infinity symbols, heart shapes..

Second mind map, figuring if I should use logotype (typography based identity) , including my exploration of using the tower of pisa yet again. Because I just love this landmark in the world.. 

Playing with type, geometric symbols..

After so much thought, I'm convinced I want a geometric logo this time. Not the illustrative ones, I had on my name cards in the past.

Geometric Based Explorations

With my initial 'S' which is my name, Samantha. Incorporated with a star that symbolises Hope, and a tear drop representing sight of clarity. It forms this first sketch of my logo.

Getting there, infusing my initial 'S' with a star

Tears made my eyes see things with a crystal clear perspective, filled with my heart & emotions. The star within is a symbol  of hope which I cling dearly on, that to me is Christ Jesus. My initial 'S' is weaved into it. Thus, making this logo.

This concludes, my first official post on my website. More to come! Looking to write my design journeys, process and thinking here. With the inspiration I gather and magic that I'm working on :) 

Brand Story