w r i t e

Hands been itching to write for weeks. 
Yet my site is still in MESS. 
I'm hoping to clean it all up, during the Christmas / New Year season. 

There's this need to write my thoughts and reflections somewhere.
So tonight, finally send off my bestie's wedding invite to PRINT. 
I'm happy like a pig, because I've never done a mandela pattern design, and I was seriously freaking out at those things. Wells, it's with the printer. Trusting all will turn out well. 

So I'm like a bee. So efficient and productive this week.
Last week, was everything went everywhere kind of week.
Setting goals / deadlines for myself, works amazingly. 
Hopefully, the client approves the design. I hope all goes well. 
On final thoughts, it's another year yet again. 2015 is ending in a few weeks :(

Been such a great year, so much happened this year. 
A nation's 50th birthday, a passing of an amazing leader LKY.
Too many thoughts tonight, too messy. 

Shall not write further. I'll be better when I write in the morning yet again :)

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Fear may have held you down
Running away is an option
But giving up wasn't in my dictionary
Strength rose from within
With awakened eyes and mind
Gritting my teeth  
Do my best, if not, not at all.

Standards, the world embraced. 
Probably the worst week I had in months.
Fear and panic of not being able to finish a project hit me real hard this week. 
Absolutely incapable of producing layouts for the project. 
I hated such feelings, but I never felt a strength could rise in this way. 
I could say I had this 7 hours, I can turn a project around. 
Giving up wasn't in my dictionary, so I braced it and go on...
I told myself this, either I do it to the best, if not I don't do it at all.

But I'm thankful for the project even though I had a terrible time at it. 
Because I learnt strength. Learnt to shut off that fear.
Learning to ride on the craziest waves.

What a week to end a friday, TGIF.


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The Constellation Quilt

This is mind boggling for me. Been at this for 2 days staring at the quilts.
Crafting has been such a big part of me. I just had to get the DIY Constellation quilt kit. 
I love DIY-ing things. Especially making homewares. These amazing hand sewn quilts are designed by Emily Fischer who established Haptic Lab. You can purchased the ready made quilts from her shop, or you could try doing it yourself. You could purchase the DIY kits and they even provided a Visual Guide for the customers.

I love this so so so much! Gonna make one for my home :D

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Ray Collins depict the waves of the sea so beautifully in a visual symphony. I love surfing. Well I love the waves of the sea it always seemed magical. I love the way these shots by Ray Collins. I can't help but to post this. :)  

I miss writing in this space. There's much been happening, learning to say 'NO' to things is something that I have been learning. Managing my time, now my new place and living with Isaac is so new. I have so much I would love to do, but I just will never finish doing them. But to choose the battles I want to fight. My next battle will be to reform my portfolio site. It is about time to dress it up. Well, it will take a while but surely it will happen.

Till later, bed time.

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It's Friday — MAUD

I have decided to feature MAUD, I love their works. Extremely inspirational for me, totally adore the simplicity essence in their design work. Here you go, a gallery of their recent work for NOMAD. Which was one of my favourite! :) I hope all of you have a great friday evening. It's about 4.30 pm in Singapore. 2 more hours for me. 

I've got a question for all graphic designers, how do you keep your research and find inspiration for your works? :D Btw, I'm so into ceramics this week, I could make so many clay items if I begin. :p

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You've got one life, live it well.

I have came to a point in life, I simply wish to do more and every single thing I can. To see more, feel more, reflect more and slow down my pace of life. To really live like never before. Perhaps, I've seen how harsh and also how simple life could be as I moved to my new estate. I wished I could illustrate more, reflect more and photograph the moments in life. Seeing the elderly, less fortunate, handicapped made be think how I can be of help and to love these. As I grew up, I find it harder to help the less fortunate, as there are so many of them and some are just fake I guess. But I'm glad this part of compassion and love is coming back. I do love this new estate I am in. 

I love my the laundromat in the estate, it makes me smile as I see family, children, the old and young hanging out there waiting for the laundry, speaking to each other. It also seems every single shop has a story of it's own waiting to tell. It's such a pity in 6 years the estate will be no more. :( I am beginning to love this Tanglin Halt estate of mine. 

Honestly, the year is coming to an end. It marks my 3rd year in my job. I'm growing like a hot air balloon, expanding each time. Challenging, projects come in like a buzz and go like the wind. I've done so much work that I began to cope much better than the years before. I'm like a learning maniac always learning new things, however I never grew to specialise in something. I find specialising in something is silly, no doubt you will be the best at what you do. But it bore me to death. I find joy in learning, I guess that's me. 

As I embark 2015, I'm so looking forward to my nordic adventure. I'm gonna freeze my butt there, but whatever I just want to wander about on earth. That's my kind of wanderlust. 

Don't disappear like the wind, be yourself live it well.
You've got only one life, live it well

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Private Moon by Leonid Tishkov

By Russian Artist, Leonid Tishkov

When I first saw this piece, I fell in love with it loads. It reminded me of 'XIAOBAI' that angela and I did, so yes we did progress a little to attempt to edit our shots of xiaobai our cloud that we built and carried all around in Cameron Highlands.  Almost 2 years ago. It was so fun! I'm inspired to work on new things yet again! :) Anyways, I'm gonna start with my amazing 36 Faber Castell Art Grip Studio Colour Pencils. Picking it up again, illustration :p  Beams! Not forgetting I have to shoot my wedding invitations and my letterpress postcard for my portfolio. It's a whirl to have a new place, living with someone new and it is for the rest of your life. I'm getting pass this :)

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